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Allow Sol Studio to lessen your stress by investing in a social media specialist and content creator! This small investment that can make the biggest impact in your business and personal brand.  


social media


At Sol Studio, social media is our specialty. With over half of Americans using social media to interact with companies, your business's social media presence is important! Allow us to help you manage your business's social presence in an authentic way or offer my expert advice during a strategy session.


90-minute Social Media Strategy Session

Social media management

60-minute SOCIAL MEDIA Coaching Session

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Natasha Samuel


I have a passion for helping small and local businesses succeed. Through hands-on experiences, my childhood passion for storytelling evolved into a passion for content creation and social media marketing. When envisioned of my dream job, I dreamed of Sol Studio. I would love to use my passions to help you express yours.  Read more...



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