5 Hacks For Using IGTV For Your Business Instagram


While IGTV is just now growing as a tool you can use to connect with your followers on Instagram, the territory often seems foreign to most of us Instagrammers. After researching and experimenting with my own IGTV channel, I have noted some handy hacks you can use to leverage your IGTV channel with ease.

First things first, we need to note the important IGTV facts.

  • Vertical - IGTV is a vertical video platform as opposed to other platforms like YouTube.

  • Personal, not Polished - IGTV is tailored towards being off the cusp, unedited, and personal. Not fancy editing skills needed!

  • Integration All-In-One  - IGVT seamlessly connects with your Instagram business account which makes it easy for followers to find your channel.

  • 10 minute maximum - Videos can be up to 10 minutes long on IGTV which allows you to share more with your followers.

Draft a title between 20-25 characters.

When thinking up a title for your video, be sure to capture your viewers attention in the first 20-25 characters since this is what appears on their feeds. Titles and descriptions can be edited via desktop, but not the mobile IGTV app.

Utilize a clickable link in video description.

One of the major pluses of using IGTV biz is the ability to link to your website in the video description. Utilize clickable links in the IGTV bio with a CTA to shop the product you’re demoing or to a blog post you’re summarizing. If you have yet to add a link to your past videos, you can go back and edit the description through the IGTV desktop URL.

Resize and repurposed videos with a tool like InShot.

If you already have video content on hand, you can use a tool like InShot to resize your video. Go to the Canvas option and select the 4:5 ratio for IGTV. Even if it’s just a sneak peak of a video you’re sharing, you can then link to your full video in the description.

Create vintage inspired videos with 8mm.

Looking for a way to be creative on IGTV? Try out a fun app like 8mm. This allows you to add vintage filters to any videos you film on your iPhone. This is a fun way to add a fun element to your videos that will keep you followers interested. You can also utilize this tool on Instagram Stories.

Promote videos on Instagram Stories with the swipe up feature.

One of my favorite elements of the integration between Instagram and IGTV is the swipe up feature in stories. If you’re looking to promote a new IGTV video, you can link to your video (without 1K) and followers can swipe up to tune in. Follow this IGTV tutorial on how to link to IGTV from your stories.

Easily edit video details on desktop.

From IGTV desktop, you can easily edit current videos and draft new ones. If you’re looking to bulk schedule IGTV videos, you can easily draft them on desktop and have them ready to post.

These hacks will help you optimize your IGTV channel to better engage with your following. While this platform is still growing, it’s ideal to join an under crowded platform like IGTV before it’s too saturated with content. How are you planning on using IGTV for your business?