Everything You Need To Know About IGTV

Just last week, Instagram announced a huge change that is rocking the social media world by storm - IGTV. While the app has been met with some confusion, excitement, and resentment, I am here to give you a rundown on all things IGTV and spilling my insight of what this means for the social media world.

What is IGTV


IGTV is Instagram’s video platform created to emulate YouTube. Users are able to create a channel using their account and post 10 minute videos or 1 hour long videos for accounts with a larger following. With the decrease of TV viewing and the increase of other streaming options, Instagram created this app to keep users on the ‘Gram and engaged as a TV alternative.

IGTV vs YouTube

The biggest difference between Instagram and video streaming websites like YouTube is that the videos are vertical like an Instagram story video. The vibe is to be personal and not super polished, so no fancy editing software or camera gear is needed to create an IGTV video. You can use the app to view three different categories: For You, Following, and Popular.

If you’re looking for tips on how to upload onto IGTV, be sure to follow my IG stories for tutorials and tips.



My honest opinion about IGTV

As a social media guru, I am always excited for a new social media platform or app to appear. So I’ve already taken a spin at trying IGTV, and I’ll give Instagram props for making the process extremely easy. I have been filming clips on my iPhone and editing them in the easy to use app, InShot. This app is amazing for editing videos, adding music, cutting clips, adding text, and more.

This is Instagram's step towards taking over YouTube. With so many YouTubers frustrated with the algorithm and change of landscape, IGTV simplified the video sharing and creation process. Since visuals are extremely powerful, a new platform for sharing video is an excellent marketing tool.

The biggest con of IGTV is the annoying reality of having another social media platform to feel the pressure of using/viewing on the app. Content creators are scrambling to figure out ‘how am I going to create even more unique content for IGTV’ and users are even more confused on where to find their favorite brands and influencers. This also brings up the questions ‘what about IG stories?’ Quite honestly, I am unsure of what this means for Instagram stories since their success is just now peaking.

I have yet to figure out what this means for social media in general and the strategy behind it (hashtags, ideal posting times, statistics, etc.), but I am excited to see how this platform plays out. I’d love to hear from you, comment how you plan on using IGTV or your thoughts on this new platform.

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