The Best Tools For The Link In Your Instagram Bio

Social media is a powerful tool for directing traffic to your site. Instagram’s bread and butter for sharing URLs is the link in your bio. Your bio on your business page is the first impression you make on any visitors, and the ultimate goal is to lead followers to your website. If you have various links you want to share with your followers, the swipe up feature for 10k + accounts can be valuable for using stories, but there are various tools you can use to link content back to your website. 

While I have used Linktree for my business, I will be sharing details all about the different URL tools you can use for your bio. Let’s chat all about what you can link in your bio to drive traffic back to your site.


Linkinbio is the tool to use for creating a shoppable link. Through your personalized url, followers can follow a link to a product, blog posts, services page, or website. When viewing this personalized link, a follower can quite literally ‘shop’ your feed based off the link they’re following. If you’re posting a lot of content involving various links to a product or shop, Linkinbio is the way to go. There are a few similar tools on the market, but Linkinbio is my choice since it syncs with your Later account which is my personal preference for scheduling content.

The downside is Linkinbio and other similar platforms are often paid and not conveniently free. This investment is worth it, especially if you’re selling tangible products in a shop.

Linktree or Lnk.Bio

Linktree is an online platform that allows you to link to various links through one generated link connected to your Instagram account. Creating account is free and allows for minimal customization. One of my favorite parts about Linktree is it's easy to manage interface that allows you to quickly reorder, add, remove, and title URLs. The greatest benefit of using Linktree is the ability to have a longer shelf life for your content on your feed as opposed to constantly changing the link in your bio. I love how I can easily track the number of clicks each link gets which allows me to gauge how well content is performing.

If you fall in love with Linktree, the paid version offers advanced analytics, customization, and the ability to schedule blogs. I know I would greatly benefit from the ability to schedule your links for when they go live for a new blog or timely launch instead of needing to monitor it the day of. Lnk.Bio is an alternative to Linktree is you're concerned with being marked as spam or having issues with your link failing. Lnk.Bio is almost identical to Linktree with a free version and comparible pricing. 

Mobile Optimized Website URL

If these options don't suit your fancy, you can always create your own mobile-friendly URL linking to a landing page with buttons to choose from, similar to a Linktree. This option is free and easy to brand according to your website design features. Also, if you’re linking within your site you can track your clicks and easily link within your site. If you're able to easily navigate your website to create a link of your own, you can brand it to match your website and personlize your landing page.

The only downside to this option? It doesn’t offer the unique options created with Instagram users in mind like the ability to easily rearrange your link tree by turning off live buttons or shop your feed based off the photo that directed you to the bio.

Whichever option suits your fancy, I recommend adding a personized URL to your bio in order to share more valuable content on Instagram. Having a way to share multiple links within Instagram is vital to driving traffic to your blog, shop, newsletter opt-in, or services page.

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