5 Perks Of Using A Social Media Scheduler In Your Strategy

Social media schedulers are the tool my social media marketing business runs on. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team, you can reap the benefits of using a schedule to post your content onto each social media account for your business. If you’re not already using it, this blog is here to convince you to make the switch and save hours each week when it comes to posting on social media. These 5 perks are the reasons why I swear by using a social media scheduler in my business.

Saves you time… and by time I mean hours.

The greatest perk of using a schedule is that it helps clear up your time for other things like your clients, business development, and enjoying life. By sitting down once every other week to batch schedule, you only have to go through the content creation once as opposed to each time you want to post. This saves you from becoming distracted on social media while allowing you to use those saved hours for engaging on the app with your followers or getting ahead on client work.

Implement a better strategy.

When you set aside time to create, schedule, and auto post content, this allows you to be more strategic when to comes to the content you’re creating. I choose to use social media schedulers on my computer which makes crafting copy and CTA’s even easier. If you’re planning a campaign, a social media scheduler will help you seamlessly post the content on optimized times and platforms.

Stay ahead of the algorithm.

Since the algorithm is semi-chronological, the time you’re posting content plays a role into if your followers actually see it. The faster this content gets likes when it’s posted on Instagram, the more likely the post will be to push out to new followers. By using the analytics offered within the social media app, you can use a scheduling tool to auto-post at the times

Less stress all thanks to auto-posting.

You completely forget to post, you’re looking for a photo to go with your caption, you’re scrambling to add hashtags to your caption… don’t let social media stress you out! A social media scheduler will automatically post the content that you planned to your feed without you having to lift a finger or think twice.

Creates a balanced cohesive feed

When it comes to scheduling for Instagram specifically, schedulers will often include features to help you plan what your Instagram will look like with the scheduled posts. This feature allows you to plan a cohesive feed and ensure your feed appears balanced. Since your grid is the most important way to attract followers, planning the visuals of your feed is just as important as your content strategy.

Are you sold on using a scheduler? Later and Buffer are my go-to tools for free, certified options for your business.

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