Become A Photography Pro With These 5 Editing Apps

It is important to have a strong visual brand on social media in order to attract people into pushing that follow button Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to create amazing IG content and visuals. Simply by using your handy dandy smartphone, you can create incredible visuals for your brand on Instagram.

While a good eye for photography is beneficial, it is not a must for creating an aesthetically pleasing Insta feed. Colors, filters, and the overall layout of your feed is important for encouraging users to hit that follow button. Lightroom CC has just created a new mobile-friendly app that allows you to edit photos with a variety of presets. This software is a staple for all professional photographers and is definitely on my download list for editing apps. Here are top 5 apps I suggest using to create a memorable visual brand on social media.


VSCO is one of the most popular photography apps for creating a consistent look for any photo you post on your feed. You can download the app for free and select one of the many filters the provide, similarly to using a preset in Lightroom. Choose a filter you like and stay consistent to ensure your feed visually appealing. For Sol Studio’s Instagram photos,  I consistently use the C1 filter. They also have other features that you can upgrade and choose from even more filters for your phone photography.

2. Snapseed: FREE

Snapseed, similarly to VSCO, is an app that allows for photo editing and filter application. This app has all of the tools you need to edit your photos exactly how you like and choose a filter that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. My best advice is to choose an app with an interface that works for you and start consistently using a filter of your choice. Adjust the filter for each photo by tweaking the brightness, contrast, and exposure for each photo to ensure your feed accurately represents your brand.

3. Pixlr: FREE

Pixlr is great for retouching & editing, and it works on your phone for on-the-go editing or your computer for a more detailed version for users that may be more desktop savvy. This app is great for both beginners & professional photographers, and the best part is… it’s free! This app conveniently has in-depth editing tools like the heal tool, auto fix, blur, and double exposure. Pixlr is the user-friendly version of Adobe’s Photoshop program.

Edited with Huji

Edited with Huji

4. Huji: FREE

This trendy app is all the rage amongst celebrities and influencers for providing a vintage look to your photos.  Similarly to a disposable camera, the app allows you to edit your photos with unique filters with light spots and the dates. Huji is also free and has additional upgrades if you’re really digging the app’s style!

5. Canva: FREE

Canva is holy grail or graphics for quick social media graphics. Social graphics are an easy alternative to photography when you're low on images, wanting to show off your brand colors and fonts, or simply wanting to use the power of your words. Whether you’re using the app as a  phone and computer application, Canva makes creating content easy and convenient. You can choose from several different colors, shapes, and designs to fit the branding you use for your business.  If you’re looking to create branded graphics for your Instagram feed or stories Canva is your best bet! You’ll thank me later once Canva has stolen your heart.

A few quick tips to help you take the best quality photos before utilizing one of these editing apps:

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

-Ensure your lighting is up to par before snapping a shot. For lighting best practices, I suggest avoiding objects being backlit and searching for natural light when possible.

-Follow the Rule of Thirds when composing your shots to ensure the photo is balanced. Imagine three lines running horizontally and three vertically across your photo to increase the visual interest of your photos. 


These are just a few of my go-to photo editing apps for creating a visual brand on Instagram. Simply by using one of these apps during your content creation process, you can create a killer visual brand on social media and effortlessly attract new followers.