How To Plan Your Next Launch - The Big Push

Now that you’ve planned and pre-launched your launch campaign, it’s time for the big push in your marketing strategy. We created interest and focus in the first blog post, but now we’re diving into full-on launch mode. I suggest keeping this period between 30-days and 2 weeks for this major push to ensure it’s timely but still somewhat spread out.

Share, share, share.

During a launch period, it’s time to buckle down to share content. Be sure to keep in mind that people are busy, the algorithm happens, not everyone sees your posts. So upping your content output will ensure people are seeing your posts and engaging. Using attention-grabbing copy in the first line of your post, CTA’s throughout, and sticker on stories will ensure your audience is engaged with the content.

Make your offer clear.

Go back to what you created for the planning stage and save your offer so it’s easily accessible to you. Make sure your offer is incredibly easy to understand and opt in to. So if your books are opening, be sure to specify until when, where you can book, and what you’re booking for. But if you’re running a sale on a new product, specify until when, what’s the discount, how can it be redeemed, and where people can shop.

I use Later to schedule my social media posts, and I like to store all variations of my CTA to ensure I nail it. Using a note on your phone would save the same purpose and ensure your offer is crystal clear for potential clients.

Schedule your campaign in advance.

By using a social media scheduler, you can ensure the strategy behind your launch campaign is focused. I like to suggest Later, Buffer, and Planoly for your scheduling needs, all of which are Instagram Certified Partners and offer a free option for users. For your newsletter and waitlist, bulk scheduling your email campaigns will also ensure your time is freed to show up elsewhere while your launch is still being marketed.

Don’t be afraid to sell.

The area I struggled in when it came to selling my first course was my fear of selling. I would add my CTA’s to the way bottom of any post and wait til the end of my stories to say “oh by the way I’m selling something if you’d like”. While subtle selling has it’s time and place in your strategy, being confident when selling is key. So push yourself outside your comfort zone and openly talk about your offer and the problem it helps to solve.

Collaborate and create partnerships.

For brands with products, partnering with related industries on a giveaway can help you reach an audience similar to your target audience. Another way for a brand to collaborate during a launch period is by using influencer marketing. Through takeovers and unboxings, you can reach a new audience while curating UGC for your own feed. Keep in mind people are more likely to trust the opinion of a business or brand they already trust so this can be extremely effective when it comes to partnerships.  

Create excitement.

Use your content strategy to get people excited and talking about your launch. It’s as simple as talking about why you’re excited, creating positive content, sharing teasers and sneak peeks, and being open about the story and why behind this launch.

My favorite Instagram launch techniques.

As an Instagram strategist, this has quickly become one of my favorite platforms for launching and announcing. Here are a few strategies I’ve used that can be personalized to your business:

  • A poll sticker on stories to connect with interested followers.

Have you signed up for my membership platform?

Option #1 Heck yes!, Option #2 I want to!

  • Sending personal DMs after Instagram lives to live attendees.

Thank you for tuning in live! I hope you found the content valuable. Do you have any questions? Is there any way I can help you?

  • Outreach via DMs to prospective followers using hashtags or the followers of similar accounts.

I noticed you’re interested in ____ and think you might be interested in____. Here’s how I can help and I wanted to personally invite you to ____. [Recap who you are and who you serve

  • Use fun CTA’s in your posts to increase engagement.

Double tap if you’re excited for ___, double tap if you’re tired of doing ____, double tap if you love ____.

You are now equipped with all the strategies and tactics you’ll need to effectively launch your next big project. If you’re looking for 1:1 support when creating your marketing plan or launch campaign, my strategy session will give you the clarity you need. Book a free discovery a call to learn more.

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