3 Social Media Podcasts You Need To Tune Into Weekly

Are you a Podcast Junkie? I will be sharing my favorite podcasts for all things business, digital marketing, and social media.

Podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite resourses for learning new things and growing my business. If you're not already on the podcast grind, these three shows will give incredible weekly tips that will leave you mind blown. Chances are if my headphones are in, I'm listening to these three podcasts for all things social media and digital marketing.

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This podcast is Hosted by Buffer, one of the leading social media scheduling platforms and resources.

The Science of Social Media is your one-stop-shop for all things social media marketing, strategy, and news. This podcast discusses social media marketing stories, insights, experiments, and content inspiration. Each Monday, you can expect the latest and greatest in the social media world. 

Why I love this Podcast:

If you’re part of a social media team, a business owner or just interested in amping up your social media game, this podcast will give you incredible tips and tricks from brands and influencers in several industries! I always leave this podcast with all the up to date news on what is happening in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Favorite Episodes:

Your Personal Brand: Why It's The Most Important Career Asset You Own, The Best Time To Post On Social, 10 Proven Social Media Tips For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Goal Digger Podcast

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The Goal Digger Podcast is hosted by online marketing expert and educator, Jenna Kutcher. Her specialty lies in helping women grow their businesses, master their mindset, and find success in their personal lives as female entrepreneurs. 

The Goal Digger Podcast discusses all things that relate to being a #GirlBoss. Jenna truly inspires me to chase my dreams while also giving me the best insights on all things marketing, social media, creative entrepreneurship, small business strategy, and branding. She also gets real about the life that comes along with entrepreneurship - the struggles, the wins, and her entire journey.

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to be inspired by the best in the biz, you need to add this show to your library. Jenna interviews amazing guests on the podcast that are super inspiring including author, Melissa Ambrosini, and founder of How He Asked, Stacy Stahl.

Why I love this Podcast:  

I always leave with a new insight, a change in my mindset, or a bit of inspiration to get me through the day. Jenna is incredibly personal yet knowledgeable when it comes to all things business. Her podcast is always a must-listen for me during my week. Whether you're an experience verteran or a newbie to the busienss world, I think her podcast has something to offer. 

Favorite Episodes:

129- Ask Jenna Anything… About Social Media, 155: How I Doubled My Instagram Growth in One Month,  029: 10 Ways To Create A Content Calendar


Social Media To Sales

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Hosted by Jen Casey, this podcast offers tips on how to use social media to create sales in your online business.

In each episode, Jen offers her insights on the strategy, psychology, and mindset behind using various social media platforms to sell online. You can expect knowledgeable guests to offer their best tips on how you can sell better on social media.

Why I love this Podcast: 

I love how each episode leaves me with actionable tips that I can apply to my business strategy and use for my clients' accounts. Her guests always leave me inspired and full of new knowledge on how to use social media for sales. I

Favorite Episodes:

How To Build A Brand On Instagram, Selling With Story

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