Responding Back To Instagram Bot Comments

We’ve all seen them, deleted them, and learned to despise them. The dreaded bot comments. While bot comments have graced almost every social media platform at this point, Instagram bots really make my skin crawl. So I’ve drafted this blog post with no tip or trick in sight, but purely to clap back to the bot comments that truly drive me insane.

*Disclaimer: I typically suggest just deleting the comment and letting the bots be. But if I were to let my sass fly free, this is what I’d comment back.

“Great feed!”

Just great? Why not a fantastic, exciting, inspiring, riveting feed? I think we both could agree my feed glows like a sun and is far beyond that bland adjective of choice.

“I can help you increase your followers to __ to __.”

Can you? Can you really? Even if you could, if you actually read my posts you’d see I will not enable any follower-number-count obsessions on my feed. In fact, I preach quite the opposite so this may not be the party for you, bud. Or should I say, bot.

“Nice post.”

Is it actually nice? If it was actually nice, what was so nice about this post? The image? The caption? The strategic hashtags? The stinking’ cute emojis? Oh wait, you probably don’t have a clear answer because YOU’RE A BOT.

“Thanks for sharing!”

You’re truly welcome. As a bot, I can only assume your Instagram game is weak. Since well… you’re a bot, I’m sure you didn’t read in my bio that social media strategy is my thing. So this post probably gave you a really helpful tip on how to NOT spam feeds with generic bot comments. Maybe you’d want to download my freebie? Cool, dude.

“Keep up the great work.”

First off, that’s quite demanding of you. ME keep up the great work? The pressure is immense already to be Instagram- ready, and this comment just pushed me over the edge. Brb- going to go find every yellow, Instagram-Worthy location in the world to ensure I really do “keep up the great work”.

Is there any trick for avoiding spamming bots? I’ll let you know when I know, but I still haven’t found a way around bot comments and follow-unfollow bots. My best strategy to avoid these is by implementing an effective hashtag strategy and avoiding the overcrowded hashtags in your posts.

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