How To Share Audio Graphics On Social Media

Have you ever seen the moving audio wave on a podcast promotion graphic on your Instagram feed? If you also wondered how you can create graphics with audio previews for social media, Wavve and Headliner.

When my client mentioned wanting to use audio pep talks as apart of her social media strategy, I was up for the challenge to search for a tool to create the graphics often used to share podcasts or radio shows on Instagram.

Wavve and Headliner were the emerging favorite tools for creating these graphics. While both are fantastic for getting the job done, I wanted to fully review both so you can decide which is best for your audio graphics.

Why Audio Graphics on social media?

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First, you may be wondering how you can incorporate these tools into your strategy. Podcasters, musicians, and radio shows have the upper hand when it comes to the type of content you’d use these graphics for. These audio graphics are perfect for promoting previews for a new episode, the latest song, or a recently aired show.

If you don’t fall under those categories, think outside of the box. For my client who is a wellness coach and therapist, we brainstormed how she could offer a glimpse of what it’s like to work 1:1 for her. Her audio previews for Instagram evolved to pep talks, meditations, and inspiring sessions that listeners can tune into on the go or for encouragement during the day. If you coach, mentor, or expert in any field, consider how audio may be something you can add to your strategy. If nothing rings a bell, there are other features these tools have that could work for your content.

Headliner vs Wavve

I am going to start by reviewing the free plans for both these applications.

Wavve is specifically a tool used to share audio on social. The steps were incredibly clear when it came to uploading the audio content, the interface provided a few options for customizing the files, and overall I loved how easy it was to use. With the free plan, you have the ability to customize your own design and create 1 minute of video monthly which could be quite limiting. If you see yourself using this tool often, it’d be worth the upgrade to $10/mo for more options

When it comes to Headliner, there a numerous video options available for you to create which is why I prefer it out of the two. Not only can you make those snazzy audio graphics like Wavve, but you also have the ability to create video transcripts, funny memes, and even convert a blog post to a video. Woah! I was blown away by the options you have within this app. The free Headliner plan includes 10 videos per month, unlimited watermarked videos after that, and transcription included with videos.

With these tools, the options are endless for creating unique content for your Instagram gird. When it comes to gaining more engagement on the ‘Gram, creatively using tools like Headliner can help you increase your reach and serve your audience online.

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