Steps To Creating A Social Media Strategy That Sells - FREE GUIDE

Social media strategy is a lot. Trust me, I get it. As a entrepreneur trying to grow their brand and reach your ideal followers you know social media is key, but you may be unsure of where to start when it comes to beating the algorithm and creating a content calendar. I am a social media strategist that specializes in Facebook and Instagram strategy for small businesses. Through managing various accounts and achieving results, I now want to share with you the tips I take when creating a social media strategy. Whether you’re just starting your account or are in need of some clarity when it comes to social media, this FREE guide will offer detailed steps for creating a strategy for social.

The 5 Steps Covered in the Strategy Guide:

CLARITY - Start by creating a basis of your strategy

CONTENT - Then map out your content

VISUALS - Map out your visuals

#HASHTAG - Utilizing a hashtag strategy in your feed and stories

SCHEDULING - Creating consistent content and value