5 Ways to Use Stop Motion In Your Instagram Strategy

The best way to increase your following and boost your engagement on Instagram? Quality content, and that’s where creative marketing tools come in to halt Instagrammers in their steps. Video and photos are effective for curating a cohesive grid, but have you ever considered stop motion for your grid? Stop motion meshes photos together to create a moving video. Not only is this content eye-catching, but it will also be sure to get a double-tap in the competitive social media world.

Initially, I struggled to make stop motions with flimsy apps and the robust Photoshop program in Adobe. And then I met Life Lapse.

Life Lapse is the best stop motion app on the market and for good reason:

  • The App is easy to use, even for those who may not be digitally inclined.

  • The Life Lapse team is constantly providing valuable tutorials and inspiration.

  • There are endless ways to use this app for your Instagram content.

Oh, and did I mention… it’s free to download for both IOS and Android. This app is also time effective. To create this snazzy stop motion for a client, it took only 5 minutes to create on my first time trying the app.

So if you’re wondering how you can use this marketing tool in your content creation strategy, here are 5 ways to use stop motion on your grid with your smartphone camera and the app.

Branded Flatlays and Product Shots

A flatlay is when you’re shooting directly from above on a set of items styled on a flat surface. Flatlays can be captured using products, props, and other branded elements like a colored background to match the brands aesthetic. This is one of the best ways to create content that is one brand and can simply show off a product for online shops.

But flatlays can be well… flat and kinda boring. Adding a stop motion element to a flatlay can bring your image content to that next level. You can invest in a tripod that allows you to shoot from above, but I prefer to utilize the method the app’s founder recommends. Sarah, the creator behind LifeLapse, suggests using a sturdy book and chair to position your phone above your flatlay set up. As for props within your flatlay, I recommend picking up probs from your favorite craft store or home decor shop. Target’s dollar section and Hobby Lobby are my go-to shops for flatlay props that won’t break the bank.

Tip: When creating the stop motion, try keeping one object stationary and move the others to grab your viewers attention without distracting them from the featured item.

Fun and Personal

Instagram is used as a brand building tool to let your community into your business. From showing them the team behind the brand to giving them an inside look into what makes you unique, Instagram is the best social media platform for growing these relationships.

Sales always begin with established trust which comes happens when a consumer feels like they know the brand. Using stop motion creation to show your unique brand personality. Think about the colors and emotions you want potential clients to feel when they work with you or invest in your brand. Is it happiness, relaxation, care-free fun, or cool badass? Use your outfit, shoot location, and movements to convey that feeling to viewers.

Tip: Convert your stop motion file to a GIF and add it to your website for a unique addition to your About Me page.

Entrepreneurship and Business

“But how do I use stop motion as solopreneur?” Even as a service-based business owner, you can use stop motion in your content strategy.

Think of things you may normally take photos for your feed. Then start brainstorming ideas on how you can use those same elements in a stop motion. For example, using your website on a laptop computer with motion around it is an easy way to change up your usual content. Loving a work playlist or podcast? Use a stop motion of your phone with your featured favorite to amp things up. One of my favorite ways I’ve used LifeLapse for showing the entrepreneurial side of my Instagram feed is in Day In The Life stories featuring 1-second video clips.

Tip: Have a content creation session your business friends or team to create stop motions with LifeLapse during your next coworking session to bulk up on fun content for your grid.

Food and Recipes

I didn’t forget about the foodie blogger and cafes out there. With the Tasty viral cooking videos on social media, it’s proven that video works well with food-related content.

Recipe tutorials created with LifeLapse can show time progression and clear steps for creating any delicious masterpiece. To you can have your hands free for stop motion creation, using the timer feature within the app can allow you to capture each step. Pouring, eating, and plating stop motions will be sure to make your followers hungry for more content.

Tip: If you’re wanting to use a bluetooth clicker to take photos of your delicious eats, you can use the clicker within the LifeLapse app with the pro plan.

Holidays and Special Events

If you’re looking for a reason to break out the LifeLapse app, a holiday or special event is the time to do it. When it comes to creating content for bigger holidays, stop motion is the way to go. It can be as simple as decking out a flatlay set up with season props or dressing up the team for lighthearted content.

Stop motion is also the perfect way to highlight special events that may be happening. Attending a special conference is an example of a special event that would be highlighted with stop motion.

Tip: Tag any featured products or accounts in your stop motion including #lifelapse and @lifelapse_app for chance to get reposted and promote your brand in front of a new audience.

Check out these stop motions I’ve created for my grid and past clients!

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Natasha Samuel