5 Ways to Use Airtable In Your Business

So if I absolutely, positively had to choose one business to use on a stranded island, it would Airtable without a doubt. Airtable is part spreadsheet, part database, and an extremely flexible tool for just about anything. In my business I use it for literally everything - including my finances, managing my intern, collaborating with clients, and even creating my course. I like to describe this tool as if Asana and Google Sheets had an incredibly talented child. BAM! It’d be named Airtable.

If you’re sitting here wondering “how the heck can I use this tool in my business?”, I’ve got you covered with 5 of my favorite ways for using this tool in my business that I’m sure you'll love too.


Content Calendars.

There is no tool that compares to Airtable when it comes to content calendar creation. Content calendars are a simple way of organizing content to distribute amongst different platforms like a blog or social media. Content calendars can be incredibly in-depth with outlining date schedules, hashtags to use, keywords for SEO, and links to share. This is a necessity for me as a social media manager and content creator to ensure I’m ahead of my content, organized, and creating quality content.

Newsletter & Email Marketing.

My weekly newsletter workspace is one of my favorites for staying on top of my content. If you have a regular newsletter, Airtable is the perfect option for organizing those campaigns. I like to batch my newsletters in Airtbale including copy, subject line, preview text, and what blog will be featured in that newsletter. This makes scheduling newsletters a streamlined process and batching a breeze. If you’re cross-promoting content like in from a blog, keeping everything stored in Airtable makes this process a breeze.

Planning A Big Launch.

So you’re planning to launch something which should be pretty simple and straightforward, right? WRONG. Any launch whether it’s a rebrand, new website, new product, seasonal special,  you need to strategically create a comprehensive plan. That’s where Airtable comes in to help you organize detailed steps, set timelines, and check things off your list. Launches can be intimidating but when you have each task divided into sub-tasks and clearly organized in one space, it makes launching more effective.

Collaboration With Clients Or A Team.

If you collaborate in your business on the daily or weekly, Airtable was created for you. With the Collaborator field option, this makes tagging members and assigning tasks a breeze. The ability to tag a collaborator in a comment makes revisions and communication for projects easy. I love using Airtable to fill my clients in on what I’m working on social media strategy wise and allowing them to be apart of the creative process.

Project Management & Workflows.

When it comes to project management, Airtable is one of my go-to tools for outlining specific workflows that are repetitive. For example, my new client onboarding process is mapped out in Airtable to streamline the process. Another example would be for a YouTube video workflow I created for my business friend, Emily Stoker. In Airtable, we realistically outlined each task that she does when from editing, optimizing, and uploading to her channel.

Are you sold on Airtable? Be sure to check out my Airtable Templates to get you started on your new workspaces.

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