Why You Need To Be Using Instagram Stories For Your Business

Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular amongst users, with over 250 million daily users. I often get asked, “what’s the point if I’m barely getting views,” but Instagram Stories are one of the top tools I use for my business that actually works. With 20 percent of stories posted by businesses result in direct messages, stories are a great way to connect with followers and be innovative when creating content. I’m sharing my favorite reasons for why you need to be using IG stories in your social media strategy.


Get Discovered And Connect

IG stories are beneficial for business accounts because they provide your followers with an insider’s perspective of your business and personal brand. Stories provide the opportunity to drive traffic to your account and website by tagging accounts, hiding hashtags within your story, and adding a location sticker.

Connect with your audience using Instagram Stories and the various tools offered within the app. These tools include text options, the pen tool, question sticker, music sticker, GIFs, the poll option, and more. You can even add the swipe up option for a URL if you have over 10K followers or IGTV videos. These tools are helpful for businesses and bloggers who want to share a link with their followers to funnel followers out of the ‘Gram and onto their website.

Grow Your Community And Get Personal

Using IG stories can help you form relationships with your followers, especially with the new “questions” feature. Stories are a behind-the-scenes look into business. When creating a stories strategy, tailor your content to your followers' needs and focus on providing value. Be consistent with your stories - I typically suggest posting daily and numerous times throughout the day if possible. The more consistent you are, the more your story will pop up for your followers to view first. Fortunately, stories can be off-the-cusp and less polished than a post, so there’s no excuse to not show up daily.

Give your followers an inside view of your perspective by filming videos. For example, film a video of you talking about what exciting project you’re working on or a valuable tip within your realm of expertise. This created exclusivity and leaves your followers wanting more.

Highlight, Highlight, Highlight!

Traditionally, story posts only last 24 hrs, but the highlights feature allows you to showcase the type of content your followers should expect to see from you. Your highlights are the first thing a prospective follower might see when landing on your page so it’s important that you choose your Highlights wisely.

If you have highlights, it’s a good idea to create covers on Canva. This is a fun way to customize your highlights with branded colors, fonts, and icons. Highlights are quite literally the highlight reel of all your Instagram Stories where you can showcase your most valuable content and give potential followers an inside look behind the brand. On my Instagram Highlights, I showcase my best social media tips while also offering an ‘About Me’ highlight talking a bit more about what I do in my business. You don’t need to showcase every story you post on your story in your highlight- just the best of the best. Five highlights is the sweet spot since that’s how many icons are shown at once. Simply create a Canva account, choose your own branded colors and fonts, search icons that represent the highlight content, and voila - your Instagram Highlights are branded.

Instagram Stories is a useful tool to use in your social media strategy to better connect with your ideal client. With 33 percent of the most popular stories from business accounts, it’s clear to see this is a powerful tool to utilize in your Instagram strategy. Simply by using the stickers, graphics, and other tools offered within the stories tab, you are able to better connect with your target audience and funnel them onto your website. Needing a bit of stories inspo, be sure to follow my daily stories on Instagram.