Digital Content Airtable Templates

Digital Content Airtable Templates


Kickstart your Airtable content calendars by using the templates I've created and used daily for my clients as a social media manager. Skip past the learning curve of Airtable with these proven templates to help you save time, organize your content, and stay consistent. These are the templates I use and swear by!

This template set includes:
- 7 Airtable templates for Social Media, Instagram, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Newsletters, and Blog Calendars custom made for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
- A PDF with steps on how to use your templates
- 2 Video tutorials walking you through the steps for customizing your templates, uploading them, and hacks for getting the most of Airtable for your digital content
- BONUS video with an exclusive look inside my workspaces and how I use Airtable with my clients

* Airtable is a digital content database that is completely customizable and free. I recommend using the FREE plan with these templates.

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